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holy's Journal

Moved from hymn.
2012, 4chan, 911 truth, above top secret, accents, alternate media, ancient babylon, ancient egypt, ancient history, ancient legends, animals, anxiety, astrology, biblical history, biblical myth, bizarre foods, blood types, body language, brainwashing, broadway, cabbalah, ceremonies, christianity, cia, conscious, conspiracies, cooking, corruption, cover ups, cultural integration, cultures, current events, dancing, dialects, dreams, e!, economy, exercise, exotic cultures, exotic food, fetishes, folklore, friendships, fun, ghost stories, god, gold, haunted castles, haunted houses, having fun, histories mysteries, history, hoaxes, holidays, human physiology, humans, hypnosis, hypnotism, illuminati, islam, islamic djinn, judaism, kabbalah, kgb, koran, ktu, laissez faire, law and order, learning, legalizing marijuana, legends, life, local legends, local news, lore, lost tribes of israel, love, lulz, martial law, masochism, massage therapy, melting pot, mind, mind control, money, monogamy, mothman, movies, music, mythology, myths, netlore, news, night terrors, nightmares, obsessive compulsive disorder, occult, ocd, oddities, omens, other cultures, paranormal, parties, partying, politics, polygamy, pop culture, prophecy, psychology, psychosis, qur'an, quran, rasputin, relationships, religion, religious history, revolution, rituals, ron paul, rumors, rumors of war, rural horror stories, sadism, secret societies, secret vatican archives, secrets, sexual psychology, society, sociology, subconscious, swimming, tall tales, talmud, the twilight zone, the x-files, torah, traditions, ufos, unconscious, unidentified flying objects, urban legends, urban myths, vh1, war on drugs, weird facts, weird history, weird stories, wild life, world issues, z100